ACFI Journal Club

We meet every Tuesday 11:30am - 12:30pm in the ACFI Lounge (LGRT 419A). They are informal black board talks on recent papers (primarily from hep-ph or hep-th), or other interesting topics in theoretical physics.

Fall 2017

Sept 26 Hiren Patel Vacuum Magnetic Birefringence Experiment as a probe of Dark Sector
Xing Fan, Shusei Kamioka, Kimiko Yamashita, Shoji Asai, Akio Sugamoto
Oct 3 Haolin Li Optimizing Higgs factories by modifying the recoil mass
Jiayin Gu, Ying-Ying Li
Oct 10 Yong Du The BπK Puzzle Revisited
Nicolas Beaudry, Alakabha Datta, David London, Ahmed Rashed, Jean-Samuel Roux
Oct 17 Tianyang Shen Gauged LμLτ Model with an Inverse Seesaw Mechanism for Neutrino Masses
Abhish Dev
Oct 24 Shijun Sun Implications of strict gauge invariance for particle spectra and precision observables
Axel Mass, Larissa Egger
Nov 7 Yong Du A Cosmological Signature of the Standard Model Higgs Vacuum Instability: Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter
J. R. Espinosa, D. Racco, A. Riotto

Spring 2017

Feb 17 Tianyang Shen Neutrino mixing and RK anomaly in U(1)X models: a bottom-up approach Part 1 notes by TS
Disha Bhatia, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Amol Dighe
Feb 24 Neutrino mixing and RK anomaly in U(1)X models: a bottom-up approach Part 2
Mar 3 Aniket Joglekar Disentangling Heavy Flavor at Colliders notes by AJ
Philip Ilten, Nicholas L. Rodd, Jesse Thaller, Mike Williams
Mar 24 Haolin Li Search for CP-violation effects in the h→ττ decay with future e+e- colliders notes by HL
Xin Chen, Yongchen Wu
Mar 31 Yong Du Three-body bound states with zero-range interaction in the Bethe-Salpeter approach notes by YD
E. Ydrefors, J. H. Alvarenga Nogueira, V. Gigante, T. Frederico, V.A. Karmanov
Apr 14 Tianyang Shen Universal self-similar scaling of spatial Wilson loops out of equilibrium notes by TS
J. Berges, M. Mace, S. Schlichting
Apr 21 Haolin Li Radiative symmetry breaking from interacting UV fixed points
S. Abel, F. Sannino
Apr 28 Jiang-Hao Yu Colorful Twisted Top Partners and Partnerium at the LHC notes by JHY
Y. Kats, M. McCullough, G. Perez, Y. Soreq, J. Thaller
Jun 2 Kaori Fuyuto Detecting the Lμ-Lτ gauge boson at Belle II
Takeshi Araki, Shihori Hoshino, Toshihiko Ota, Joe Sato, Takashi Shimomura