Library of Handwritten Notes

Here is my library of handwritten notes, started since I was an undergraduate. It is the product of countless late-night and weekend hours of independent study.

It is inspired by my undergraduate physics teacher, Dr. Paul Stevenson, who taught me classical mechanics and quantum field theory. His vast library of handwritten notes were concise yet meticulous such that anyone could read them and learn something new in a short time. Since these notes will ultimately become lecture material for physics courses, I have also composed exercises which I thought were instructive as a student, and are scattered throughout these notes.

While these notes are written for myself, I have made it a point to be readable by others. All commentary appearing in these notes are my own, and their correctness cannot be guaranteed. Unlinked items refer to notes that are not suitable for public viewing (i.e. chicken scratch).

Vol I: Topics in Quantum Mechanics
Vol II: Spin-1/2 Field Theory: Spinors
Vol III: Spin-1 Field Theory: Gauge fixing
Vol IV: Supersymmetry
Vol V: Calculus of One Loop Integrals
Vol VI: Functional Methods
Vol VII: Non-perturbative Field Theory
Vol VIII: Finite Temperature Field Theory
Vol IX: Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions
Vol X: Quantum Electrodynamics
Vol XI: Quantum Chromodynamics
Vol XII: Deep Inelastic Scattering
Vol XIII: Hadronic Physics
Vol XIV: Nonrelativistic Potential Scattering Theory I
Vol XV: Nonrelativistic Potential Scattering Theory II
Vol XVI: Relativistic Scattering Theory
Vol XVII: Dual Resonance Models